Premier Student Accommodation

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Campus Information



All of our apartments are managed 24 hours a day, with monitored security cameras for your safety. We have an experienced residential manager who lives on-site to ensure a safe and secure environment for all our residents.


Both Villages have unlimited internet which is accessible by our residents.



There are bike stands outside the apartments to store and lock your bike.


On site carparking is available upon request. Charges apply.


Smoke free

All of the Unitec’s campus’ are 100% smoke free, as are all our apartments, for the benefit of all residents. This policy applies to all staff, students and visitors.

Residential assistant

The Residential Assistant (RA) team, are made up of members of our student community and are an essential part of the Village support network. RA’s all live in the Village.
The RA team helps to make sure that the Village operates smoothly, help you with any queries you may have, serve as peer advisors and ensure that a pleasant and friendly environment is maintained for all residents.